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Lisa Passen author and illustrator...Novelist............ Bruce Passen Photography
Lisa Passen
Bruce Passen

  » Aug 21, 2014  


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Lisa Passen
Fat, Fat Rose Marie    (Released in 1991, Henry Holt and Company, Inc.)
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"Fat, fat Rose Marie!" sang Genevieve from the back row. All the kids around her laughed - just like when they laugh at my freckles and red hair. I didn't laugh at Rose Marie.

Rose Marie is the new girl in class and everyone but Claire seems determined to tease her about being overweight. Only Claire notices her big blue eyes and her talent for math. The two girls become fast friends and are happy to share their lunches and play Movie Stars after school - until Genevieve pushes Claire into a test of loyalty and friendship.

Told with Lisa Passen's characteristic humor and insight, "Fat, Fat Rose Marie" is a thought-provoking story of the importance of accepting individuals for who they are, and of the value of a true friend.

Lisa Passen says, "Like Claire, I was always shy and awkward.It was easy for me to identify with children who wore thick glasses or the wrong clothes, or spoke with an unfamiliar accent, or were overweight. People can seem mean and unfriendly, but maybe they just don't understand. Rose Marie understands, and I think her story can help other children to understand, too."

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